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After being sidelined for the Cowboys game from a hamstring/quad injury, I'm ready to go for San Diego.  Akeem (our WLB) was injured last week running a kickoff, so that's moved things around for the LB's.  I'll be playing middle while Moise stays at SLB and Spoon moves to WLB.&nbs

Michael Hickey
Is it trueyou where traded to The Browns
7 years ago
Tom Perry
Chris-gotta lot of family in cleveland --all season ticket holders--MAN DO THEY LOVE THERE BROWNS--they will never let you down !!!!
6 years ago
Tom Perry
Chris---here I go again----me and the Cleveland Cousin's---need you to Believe !!!!!!!! TP
5 years ago

Fan Wall
Chris Lory and I have a good fell'in about the BROWN's this year-----------------gooo get-um
looking to see you play soon
Thomas Calabrese
You cant expect the same thing from Kolb as you did with McNabb...The reason I say that is they are 2 different style qb's...Kolb is more accurate in the 10-15 yard range where McNabb is probably unbeatable in the deep pass...But the advantage Kolb has is he is more suited for the west coast offense than McNabb was...You will see some mistakes but you will see the Eagles have a huge turn around in time of posession...
6 years ago
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