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Not really much of a vacation, but after I was put on waivers by the Green Bay Packers, I went back home to Maryland.
YC Admin 1
Congratulations on the Come Back!
7 years ago

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After 6 weeks of training with the team during OTAs and Mini-Camp. I feel like I have progressed closer to the level expected from an NFL athlete.
Tara Brabant
How are you feeling now that training camp and pre-season are winding down?
7 years ago

Former Maryland football players Edwin Williams (left) and Dane Randolph race up a hill near the practice field at Maryland.

Dane Randolph, U of MD, waits for the call..

Dane Randolph performs band from the top bench press with 220kg or 484lbs while training for the combine at triple threat performance

Maryland's OL Dane Randolph performs submaximal effort bench press with 129kg and 55kg of chain weight while preparing for his pro day.

Dane Randolph
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