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My Thoughts and prayers are with the families that what affected by the Sept 11 Attacks. I still remember where I was at and how disturbed i was by those terrorist attacks.

Jessica Gillis
Just wanted to say thanks for visiting my friend daryl at IU Med Center on Friday and a huge thanks for the Sack yesterday on Orton!!!! We were all watching the game together and your hard playin made our friends day. You have made a Colts, well Gary Brackett fan, out of this Steeler girl. Thanks for all you do!!!!
7 years ago
I as well was watching the game and want to thank you for the sack yesterday!!!! I seen the replay last night on channel 13 and it was AWESOME!!!!!!! I just know that you following through and keeping your promise that he has more hope and strength to continue to fight!!!! From the depths of our heart's we want to thank you for all that you have done and what we know you will continue to do!!! Thanks Gary and keep the miracles coming!!
7 years ago

Fan Wall
Gary this is going to be the Greatest Season ever !
Congratulations, Gary! We hope to see you retire as a Colt, also! You are a class act, and a great football player!
Happy for Gary and Colt's Nation that 58 will be back next year and beyond!
Really hoping to see 58 in a Colts jersey again next year and beyond. Im praying things can work out with you and a contract before March 5th.
You are an inspiration and a leader on your team. I only wish the outcome of the game was different. Reading Justin's note below shows how you can be a leader on and off the field. Taking time out for others! Thanks
Gary, you are the heart and soul of the Colts defense. All of your fans will be watching you and celebrating the big day with you tomorrow. Let your light shine, and bring home that Lombardi trophy! Go Colts!!!!!!
I just want to offer you a heartfelt thanks Gary, for visiting my brother Daryl White in the hospital in Indianapolis. I know that he was very happy for the visit!!
Can anyone tell me how in the world 58 gets snubbed for the Pro Bowl??? GB has shined this year in the new system
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