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Big game 2 nte 8:30est on tv check it out read more...

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Let me start by saying thank you for all your support! I'm excited to be apart of Fan Channel it means a lot to me that you take time out ... read more...

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Frank Summers needs to step it up fast or his days in Pittsburgh will probably be over as a Steeler. He certainly has had some bad luck with injuries!

Different views on Parody in the NFL.

After a game like that Roethlistberger will win another superbowl. he was a little slow getting started but when it counts he got the drive complete to win the game. Do you guy's talk much during the game over strategy?

Big game 2 nte 8:30est on tv check it out

Mike Dever
Great game. A nail-biter to start the season. Why were the Titans so effective in defending against the run?
7 years ago
Like any job this can be the most challenging from many respects. From those who know you I have learned that you are a strong individual and look for your to continue to workout knowing there will be another opportunity that comes your way soon.
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